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About Us

maple leaf acres
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Welcome to Our Farm

Welcome to Maple Leaf Acres. We are a small family farm located in North Jackson, Ohio. We love nature, the country life, beautiful produce and most importantly, food that tastes good!

From our locally-sourced jams & jellies, sustainably grown produce or our from scratch baked goods- we strive to make every one of our products the best we can. We invite you to visit us at the

Howland Farmers Market, Extending Grace or Youngstown Flea. And of course, you can always reach out to us at for custom orders.

Meet Our Staff

The green thumb of the family, Edward has a knack for getting even of the most stubborn crops to grow. Interested in purple potatoes, aztec corn, and other  produce oddities, he is your man for everything from the earth. 


The Mastermind baker/chef/cook extrodinaire behind all of the beautiful loaves of bread and delicious jams and jellies. Bridget is always looking for new inspiration and creating new flavors.


Also known as the world traveler. Erin is frequently away in some far away destination, but continues to be part of the Maple Leaf Community through her work with social media and as a taste tester when she comes home.

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